Post a Comment. The meeting brought together seed companies from Ghana, Nigeria and Burkina Faso, who are expected to play a key role in marketing the PBR cowpea in their countries. The African Agricultural Technology Foundation AATF promoters of the Pod Borer Resistant Cowpea in Africa say the organisation was putting in place all necessary precaution for the successful commercialisation of the cowpea in the participating countries.

Dr Denis Kyetere, AATF Executive Director said at the opening of the review and planning meeting for the scientistsseed companies and country regulators holding in Accra, Ghana that:. He said that PBR cowpea continue to make advances in the product development by successfully incorporating the BT trait into the farmers varieties, testing them in multi location trials in Nigeria and conducting the first Confine Field Trail CFT in Ghana.

He added that it is about time for us to develop a strategy of how the product will be commercialized and made available to farmers. Labels: Aflatoxinbiotechnologymechanization. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.AXE 1. AXE 2. Construire les solutions depuis les territoires et avec les habitants. AXE 3. AXE 4. Transformation des conflits Transformation E-Learning des conflits Sur Transformation demande des conflits Sur Transformation demande des conflits.

Les campagnes se vident et les jeunes vont grossir les pauvres des villes. La pratique a donc une place majoritaire. Les ateliers de production servent aussi de cadre de formation. Comment organiser du compostage collectif? Remise de documents. Consta de: 1. Contenidos 1. Labores culturales. Aspectos fnancieros.

Vivero de frutales. Aprovechamiento del Agua de lluvia.

1ère édition de luniversité paysanne du roppa

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1ère édition de luniversité paysanne du roppa

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5. politiques de sauvegarde environnementale et sociale de la

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Study lib. E V. Contraintes environnementales et sociales du secteur agricole Cadre institutionnel au Burkina Faso Cadre institutionnel au Niger Politiques agricoles nationales Besoins en gestion environnementale dans le secteur agricole Analyse des politiques de sauvegarde Le screening pour la diffusion des microprojets Mesures institutionnelles Mesures de renforcement technique Programmes de sensibilisation et de mobilisation Programme de suivi environnemental Arrangements institutionnels Le pays dispose de 27 aires de faune couvrant 2.

La principale culture de rente est le coton. Il couvre une superficie de 1. Les plus grands groupes ethniques sont les Haoussa et Foulani dans le nord, les Ibo dans le sud-est et les Yoruba dans le sudouest.

Cadre institutionnel au Burkina Faso a. Il n'ya pas non plus de point focal environnement. Cadre institutionnel au Niger a. Les normes sont celles de la FEPA. Un expert en environnement existe au niveau de chaque ADP. Politique de Sauvegarde 4. Politique de Sauvegarde 7. Examen et approbation 5. Abubakar Prof M. Oni A. Aham E. Les programmes de recherche Federal Government of Nigeria.Figure 1.

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Figure 3. Figure 4. Ba, S. Willems, P. Roche, H. Jeder, P. Quatrini, M. Neyra, J. Gillis, C. Boivin-Masson, and J. Lorquin Symbiotic and taxonomic diversity of rhizobia isolated from Acacia tortilis subsp. Borcard, D. Buttler Thiaw, M. Ndiaye, et A. Hall Diouf D. Samba-Mbaye, D. Lesueur, A. Ba, B.

Dreyfus, P. Neyra Genetic diversity of Acacia seyal Del. Microbial Ecol. Ndoye, D.Edelman et M. Kamin, The science and politics of IQ. This paper deals with the conflicting relationship between the scientist and the dissemination and recognition of his ideas and theories. We will show, through historical and contemporary examples, how complex and always subtle the problem of censorship is, in this sensitive dialectic between the scientific world and society, for ideological and political reasons, but also because of internal reasons of the scientific world itself, and of its overbearing rules about recognition and control.

Dealing with censored science entails dealing with science as a censor too: scientific revolutions, which disrupt strong paradigms, are first the object of such a censorship by science itself.

We will bring up the current advance of the freedom of publication thanks to the ermergence of the new technologies of information and communication. Open access enhances the freedom of science, but it makes us wonder whether an excess of freedom and information is not going to destroy them both.

Location of Repository. Suggested articles.Post a Comment. Tuesday, April 22, Is agribusiness good for Africa? First broadcast BBC. Duration 29 minutes. The latest G8 idea to tackle hunger in Africa is to call in agribusiness. Under the New Alliance for Food Security, the G8 and African governments have agreed to work together to promote large scale private sector investment.

In this BC edition we hear from one of the companies involved, the American crop giant Cargill. Their chairman, Greg Page, tells us that while the company will be investing with profit in mind, the scheme will also benefit local smallholders.

Rory Sutherland: Perspective is everything

Not everyone agrees Related: Stop the corporate takeover of Africa's food. In solidarity with small farmers and civil society groups in Africa, the World Development Movement is calling on the UK government to stop funding schemes like the New Alliance that require African governments to make policy changes that favour large corporations.

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1ère édition de luniversité paysanne du roppa

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