Forum Rules. Home Forums Reviews Articles Store. Homepage Today's Posts Search Register. Forgot your Password? Sign Up. Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Anyone have a Cat 0 3 Pt tiller? I have a Yanmar garden tractor it uses catagory 0 attachments with it's rpm PTO.

I am looking for any attachments or advice on cat 0 attachments. Are the trouble? Are the hard to find? Expensive parts? Thanks Dan B. Reply With Quote. Re: Anyone have a Cat 0 3 Pt tiller? I use a Cat. As a matter of fact, this tiller is set up with "duplex" mounts. I ca use it on CaT. I often attach it to my for use.

I just had to make a different shaft end for the tractor side. Are you sure that the rear PTO is rpm? It shouldn't be. I believe that King Kutters XB tiller is cat 0. I believe the standard PTO speed for Cat 0 was rpm once upon a time.

The higher speed allows a given PTO hp to be passed along with a lot less torque load on those lightweight PTO driveshaft components than rpm would have. Doesn't seem to be too much out there today built for that speed. Simplicity and other large garden tractors have Cat 0 tillers.

Check their specs to see if that would work. Be careful. Check befco.The item review options is provided to the customers who have bought the item within last two months. Technical Specifications :. If you did not find answer to your question on this page, please type your question in the space below and hit the button "Ask Question" to ask question.

Ships in business days. Estimated delivery time business days. Top Link Cat 0 Add To Cart Details. Vertical Leveling Arm - Cat Lift Arms - 23" Long Cat-1 Set of 2.

cat 0 tiller

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From these plants we distribute machines and components all over the world. Sincewhen we started our manufacturing enterprise, customer satisfaction has always been our constant goal! Side-shift rotary tiller. The built in sideshift mechanism allows the operator to till over the right tractor tire and therefore closer to obstacles.

DIY: Category 0 3pt Hitch Sway Chains

Smooth manual side-shift system which requires no lever to operate. Adjustable side skids for working depth control. Reinforced lateral 60 ASA chain drive transmission in oil bath. High carbon steel round rotor shaft allows for a deeper working depth. Outward turned blades keep the rotor supports clean and maximize working depth. Four knives per flange. Heavy duty full size tiller blades.

Drive line with shearpin coupling. Powder coat painting for a durable quality finish.

cat 0 tiller

Optional equipment click here! The T30 is available also with a cat. Working width cm. Overall width cm. Weight kg. Rotor rpm. Working depth mm. Side-shift cm.Forum Rules.

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Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Category 0 Implements hi all! Reply With Quote. Re: Category 0 Implements It would help to know where you are. Re: Category 0 Implements You need close to forty pounds of total harrow weight bearing on each notched disc in order to cut through vegetation.

I do not think you can find a disc harrow with even twenty pounds bearing on each notched disc in Category 0… Countyline sub-compact implements are painted RED. Last edited by jeff; at PM. Re: Category 0 Implements i heard these little rt are crazy strong! Re: Category 0 Implements Spend your money as you like. However, the expectations expressed in your opening post, are likely to be totally disappointed.

Buy a tractor with at least twenty horsepower, a Category 1 three point hitch and four wheel drive. A front end loader FEL is the most useful tractor accessory. There are a bizzilion well maintained, used, diesel 'Cat 1' tractors available at this time of the year. Re: Category 0 Implements.

Originally Posted by superfly Re: Category 0 Implements your right. Re: Category 0 Implements Cat 0 stuff is rare and expensive. That is what my JD garden tractors are. Re: Category 0 Implements Northern Tool carries about all of the cat.This site uses cookies to create a better experience for you.


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cat 0 tiller

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Track adjustment axle with suspension, clear water tank, induction lock, automati Inlet sluice Dual cir Size: 11 ft 9 try depth standards Fresh Trade in Good Shape! Ready to hit the field! Call us today. Tiller has never been installed. The in. It is Advanced filters.

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