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Protect your investment. Register your product and stay up-to-date with the latest warranty information. Life as a working drummer is not without pressure. Acoustics can vary drastically from venue-to-venue. Mixing engineers all take a different approach. You could be presented with unknown material with moments to spare, or asked to replicate the drum sound from a studio recording.

Smart, simple and discreet, this new trigger module gives you instant and reliable access to every drum sound in the book, on every stage you play.

In this video, drummer Bob Hall of Catfish and the Bottlemen uses the TM-6 PRO to trigger samples from his kick and snare drum using RT acoustic drum triggers, while playing back melodic phrases and samples via BT-1 trigger pad, and expressive tom sounds via V-Pads. In this video, drummer Bob Hall of Catfish and the Bottlemen explores the TM-6 PRO by triggering samples from his kick and snare drum using RT acoustic drum triggers, to enhance acoustic drum sounds for greater dynamic range, increased clarity and performance.

Designed for hybrid drumming, this trigger module is preloaded with new sampled sounds, from electronic and processed tones to acoustic drum sounds and sound elements. Drummers who dart between jobs can switch between a libraries of sounds in seconds. Try electronic sounds including fat-synth kick, vintage drum machines, claps and SFX, alongside processed sounds like compressed snares and kicks that cut through onstage.

Get the best of the old-school, with exceptional-quality preloaded acoustic drum sounds, recorded at world-renowned studios like Real World and Rockfield. Enhance the attack of your snare and bring low-end power to your kick using sound elements. Rely on the TM-6 PRO to nail any tone, thanks to the user sample feature that lets you import the exact sounds from the recorded track via SD card and play them using your acoustic kit.

The TM-6 PRO is the jump-off to an ambitious hybrid kit that could help you win more varied commissions. You could even assign a song track or click track to specific direct outputs. Plans can change fast onstage β€” and that can spell headaches for a drummer playing a traditional kit.

And when you modify the parameters of the 30 MFX types, the most effective parameters for each type are pre-assigned to a knob for intuitive editing. The TM-6 PRO also gives you the edge in the studio, with the newly developed Transient effect that offers flexible control of attack and release.

Backing tracks and click tracks are invaluable to drummers in countless situations β€” and the TM-6 PRO makes it easy to use them for live work and rehearsal.

Backing audio tracks stored on SD card can be played direct from the memory β€” so you could store a whole song for a live show, or jam along with the set list, whether the band is there or not.CY-5 : Extra crash cymbal.

Typical Add-ons:. TDM : Mat. Take a stroll through the history of Roland Drum and Percussion from its beginnings with the original Octapad through to the modern day V-Drums, sample. This article covers the best and easiest way to record TD V-Drums. Recording electronic drums is simple when compared to recording acoustic drums.

Acoustic drum. Created by Roland V-Drums specialist Simon Ayton, these patches were designed using the internal factory sounds and many of the techniques covered in the TD guide.

drum triggers roland

Enjoy exploring the possibilities! Skip to content. Drummers love expanding and customizing their acoustic and V-Drums kits. Customization helps to reflect a drummers personality, as well as assisting them to fit into any musical situation. Apart from making sure you have the latest software updates for your instrument, there are many ways of adding new possibilities and excitement to your drumming and your sound. Related Articles. Find a Store.

Related Posts. Roland Percussion History Take a stroll through the history of Roland Drum and Percussion from its beginnings with the original Octapad through to the modern day V-Drums, sample.

Drums & Percussion

Keep In Touch.With sounds and features inspired by Roland's flagship TD, the V-Drums TD sound module makes an attractive option for the pro and intermediate eDrummer. Another impressive feature is the TD's onboard Bluetooth transceiver, which both streams music from your phone for practicing, jamming, and recording, and sends MIDI to your DAW over Bluetooth at the cost of a little latency for tracking made easy.

Sweetwater reviewers are pleased to report that the TD holds its own even against Roland's flagship TD module. The stock sounds are inspiring enough out of the box. And for power users, kits can be manipulated virtually in a number of ways. Kick drum too boxy for your tastes? Dry it out with muffling. Too boomy? Tune it up. Snare drums even feature adjustable snare wires so players can dial in their preferred sensitivity.

Once you've got your core sounds covered, drums can be sweetened with room ambience, compression, EQ, and more on a pad-by-pad basis. This is just one way in which the TD grows with you.

Drum performances can be recorded straight into the SD card up to 60 minutes for safekeeping and song building. An onboard Bluetooth 4. Stream music directly to your module wirelessly, without cables, and play along to your heart's content. Onboard sounds aside, the TD is the perfect tool for triggering your favorite virtual instruments onstage or in a recording environment.

Pre-mixed audio can also be sent via USB. We are proud to provide some of the fastest turnaround times on eBay. Residents of Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico should contact us for a shipping quote.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Record audio and trigger virtual instruments Onboard sounds aside, the TD is the perfect tool for triggering your favorite virtual instruments onstage or in a recording environment.Drummers have triggered electronics from acoustic drums for more than 20 years yes, we did have running water and electricity back then, toobut triggering hardware and software has recently improved tremendously, which might explain the renewed interest in triggering acoustic drums.

The concept of triggering acoustic drums is actually quite simple. Exactly how do I do I trigger my drums, what gear do I need, and how do I benefit from triggering? Drum triggering makes a lot of sense for club work. Point being, unlike bass and guitar players, we have little control over how our instrument sounds to the audience. Triggering a great sounding drum module from our drums solves much of this problem.

We can even change drum sounds to match the style of each song! This makes for clearer, punchier, and louder drums in the PA, without other instruments mucking things up. Taken one step further, with the possible exception of overheads, if we bring our personal drum amp, we can bypass front-of-house sound altogether.

Killing five-minute drum sounds with almost no mikes? The engineer just dials in another snare, kick, or tom sound. The main difference is that in addition to the MIDI performance, triggered drum sound, and overhead mikes, the entire acoustic drum sound is also recorded. This gives the producer an amazing amount of sonic material to choose from at mix-down. You might be surprised how many drum tracks consists of an acoustic sound beefed up by a triggered sound, or even completely replaced by it.

Take a look at Fig. This is the most basic trigger setup. It contains three items: the drum, the trigger mounted on the drum, and the trigger interface. They both do the same thing β€” turn a trigger pulse into MIDI. The choice of which one to use depends on your situation.

If you already have an electronic drum set, chances are that you have a drum module that will function as a trigger interface. If you already have a drum module, you have the most expensive part of a drum trigger setup.

How cool is that? There are many drum modules out there, both new and used, at all price levels. But I always look for the best bang for the buck. First, the drum sounds are, well, about 15 years old. Some might argue that they are a bit dated, but hey, that can be a good thing. That is to say, the time between when the drum is hit until the audio comes out is very noticeable. The amount of delay is in the range of what we use to layback or get on top of the beat, so the delay can be a little disconcerting.

This delay is most notice-able on the kick drum. Because of the sharp attack of the kick, when you put the acoustic kick together with the triggered sound you will hear some flamming. But, for the price, it will get you started in the world of drum triggering. It has massive bang for the buck. It has more than 1, sounds and real fast trigger response.

There is no flamming on the kick drum like with the Alesis module. If you already have an external sound module, you just need a trigger-to-MIDI interface, and there are a couple of good ones out there. It may a bit hard to find, but the search is well worth it.

Roland V-Drums

A good buy if you can find one used. The triggering is derivative of the TD-Series drum modules, therefore very quick and sophisticated.The TD boasts the most expressive and detailed sounds in any drum module available.

Loaded on the TD are over expressive and highly detailed instruments to play. There are also over 30 built in multi-effects, in addition to onboard EQ, compression and reverb for immense levels of fine-tuning sounds.

The playing experience is immersive and inspiring to say the least. I love the level of detail of customisation on board the TD You are able to model each instrument just to your very liking. You can tune drums and change the diameters of cymbals and it will model a brand new sound for you to save and load on the onboard memory. The TD has an insane number of ins and outs: 14 trigger inputs, 3 advanced digital trigger inputs, stereo balanced master outputs, 8 balanced direct outputs, a stereo mix in and an SD card input.

The winner of the best electronic drum trigger module goes to the Yamaha DTX moduleand this is an incredibly versatile drum module. This is the perfect solution for a drummer who wants an electronic drum module that is also perfect for use in a hybrid drum set configuration. It offers great sounds, is highly portable and has a large number of trigger inputs.

This module offers a great level of detail and expression that far exceeds its price point. This drum module offers a professional level of performance at a very affordable price, and it is truly a very versatile piece of equipment. USB connectivity allows you to record drums straight onto a computer, and you are also able to load samples onto the module and assign them within particular drum sets.

This means you can play bespoke sounds for live performances when required. This really is the best electronic drum module for the money in my opinion.

It has excellent responsiveness, a deep and great sounding library and an intuitive user interface that is easy to get to grips with.

β€œTips” Roland TM-6 PRO #05

The DTX blows away every other drum module at this price range, hands down. Up next for review we have another quality Yamaha drum module, this time in the form of the Yamaha DTX If you are looking for an electronic drum module that has a very generous and diverse range of onboard sounds, this is the best drum module for you.

This electronic drum module offers a huge selection of high quality drum kits and individual drum and percussion sounds. In addition to this it also has 64MB on board memory for importing sound samples. The interface is simple and highly intuitive to use. I like that it only takes up a small footprint, but has a lot of functionality on board.

The DTX is rather more expensive than the DTX but it makes up for it with a wider sound library and enhanced sound modelling features. This is one of the best drum modules to buy that can be used to build a hybrid drum set, as well as perform as a standalone electronic drum set module. It is able to accept 12 drum triggers and has USB connectivity as well as stereo master outputs.

The Yamaha DTX ticks all the boxes, and delivers a very wide selection of lifelike tones straight out of the box. I have very little complaints of the Yamaha DTX, and it delivers an exceptional performance for its price. It features 2 trigger inputs for external pads or acoustic drum triggers, enabling you to create a hybrid drum set up with ease. The Roland TM2 comes equipped with professional sounds right out of the box, and has an SD card slot that allows you to load your own bespoke drum tones, sound effects, loops or even complete backing tracks.

You can use your own sounds alongside the internal sounds and also process them with the great onboard multi-effects! It mounts quickly and unobtrusively onto a hi-hat stand and is able to run off the included power supply or batteries for even greater flexibility.

The only drawback of the TM2 is that it is limited to having only 2 trigger inputs. But if you only want to perform with a kick trigger and a single electronic pad for example, this would be the best drum trigger module for you.

drum triggers roland

Of course it has the functionality to allow you to load your own samples to allow you to expand your live performances. The TM6 has premium sampled sounds on board, providing you with the tools to expand your playing horizons.Welcome to the Electronic Drum Triggers Store, where you'll find great prices on a wide range of different electronic drum triggers. Skip to main content. Electronic Drum Triggers Welcome to the Electronic Drum Triggers Store, where you'll find great prices on a wide range of different electronic drum triggers.

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drum triggers roland

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Protect your investment. Register your product and stay up-to-date with the latest warranty information. With acoustic-drum triggering more popular now than ever, Roland has responded to requests from the market and created these new-generation triggers: the RTK for kick drumsRTS for snare drumsand RTT for toms. Physically smaller than their predecessors, the new series triggers are easier to position.

Best of all, they feature new trigger-sensing technology for improved response. Learn the basics of building a hybrid set utilizing Roland's latest technology.

See how to integrate electronics into your drum kit. The new sensor system is designed to eliminate false retriggering by offering an adjustable sensor structure U. Patent No. The reduced size and lighter weight of the triggers are helpful in improving sensitivity. If you have questions about operating your Roland product, please check our Knowledge Base for answers to the most common questions.

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