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L6 Staff SWE. L8 Principal Engineer. L9 Distinguished Engineer. L10 Google Fellow. SDE SDE II Senior SDE We have spoken to them.

While investment banks have analysts, associates, vice presidents, directors, executive directors and managing directors in their hierarchies, Google has multiple ladders with up to 11 rungs to climb.

There are different ladders for different career paths and swapping between them can be hard - especially if you want to get onto the most desirable ladders in areas like software engineering. Engineering pays more at the same level, but because I didn't come in a software engineer, I'm kind of stuck here. We didn't speak to Google for this article, but we did speak to several current and former Google employees.

It turns out that for a company that's supposed to have a flat management system, Google has an awful lot of levels in its hierarchy. Level five is where things start to get serious: this is when you become a "senior software engineer". By level eight, you're a "principal" kind of like an ED in a bank. By level nine, you're a, "distinguished software engineer" kind of like an MD.

By level 10 you're a Google fellow there are only around 12 of these, so like a GS partner except more rarefied - although known as a "VP" in Google-world. This is where it seems things can get tough. Insiders say ladder switches do happen, but that they come with downsides.

There are job families with ladders and roles within those job families.

Google Tpm Level 5 Salary

What makes the engineering ladder so popular? Firstly, it pays more. Secondly, it's super-prestigious within Google. And thirdly insiders say it's seen as housing some of the biggest brains in the company. Confusingly though, engineering has two parallel streams: an engineering track and an engineering management track.

Insiders say the two are parallel until around levels eight or nine. After this, the super-engineers carve a path of their own. Unfortunately, this means people on the 'business' ladder who might've been able to tout their management skills are even less able to swap across. It's not all bad news, though. While a bank like Goldman Sachs has decided it's top heavy and now only promotes to its top levels managing director and partner once a year, Google pushes people up its ladders twice annually.

If you're in a technical ladder, you can put this together for yourself when you think you're ready. If you're in the other ladders, it's up to your boss to put you forward. Even so, some Googlers say climbing the hierarchy at Goldman Sachs seems a whole lot simpler - particularly as Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein keeps reiterating the potential for engineers at the firm.

Meanwhile, Google employees caution against going into Google without some understanding of how the system works: "I had no idea how the game was played regarding levels and ladders when I joined here," says one Googler. Contact: sbutcher efinancialcareers.Main menu Contents Want to see the real deal? More inside scoop? View in App close. Close Navigation. My Company. Polls Browse by: Companies Keywords. Privacy and Terms. Salary Comparison Get Your Estimate. Both hardware and software Can someone shed some light?

If I get an offer, should I settle for it, or should I keep looking for other companies? What if I get an offer from Microsoft before having the chance to interview elsewhere? Salary negotiation at Google with no competing offers Anybody experienced with how this works?

My current TC is fairly high due to getting into Amazon awhile back when their stock prices are low. Now that since its doubled my TC is high for what I do k TC I dont believe Google can match or beat this but wondering anybody has been through this bef. Talk privately with your coworkers.

Join your company's internal discussion. See what they are saying about their company! What are the general L4 level salaries in Google India? Really appreciate the help!

The problem with getting promoted at Google

The number of years of experience is Thanks a lot! L5 salary at Google? What's the l5 salary at Google these days? My TC have grown because of stock price. I got an offer from G but they are not willing to match or negotiate on current TC. I am confused if I should stay put or leave for lower TC.

Is WLB really good at G? This i. How is the breakdown like? TC : 0 newgrad google japan swe newgrad newgradsalary googlecompensation. Google Salary Response I just passed the hiring committee at google!Technical program managers TPMs are in charge of handling all aspects of technical projects for their organization.

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How to Negotiate Salary - 3 Tips!

Find your market worth with a report tailored to you. Negotiate your pay with confidence.That was a pretty sticky post. Fortunately or unfortunately things have changed quite a lot over the last 2 years, hence this revised post. The first article published in came about when I was doing research and collecting data points to take to my manager as I wanted a raise. I was quite baffled of how underpaid I was, but well the good thing was I did has a great work environment and the learning was fantastic.

As I was doing my research I questioned myself on why queasy people get talking numbers. I might see the reason not to discuss pay with colleagues at the same company but not talking about it with your industry peers dopes put one at a disadvantage. As you build out your core competencies and expertise in areas that are on high demand you will soon realize that the information provided on these sites are not extremely reliable.

Some of it vests in varying percentages over 4 years. What you take home at the end of the year could really vary with the stock prices fluctuating. Having said that, there I agree that the pay is not the beginning and end of things. We need to look at life as a whole. As in if we enjoy what we do, the work-life balance if you like and enjoy working with your manager and your team.

The impact you deliver and all that jazz :P. As long as we keep in mind that for most of us pay is an important factor that we need to pay attention to.

It is one part of the package and depending on your outlook towards life may or may not be the yardstick you use to measure how your career is progressing. When I compared the numbers from the old blog post to what those numbers are today you can see a huge difference. Most of the jobs at least have a 30k increase. New data from Paysa and my research shows that Glassdoor data is quite off. I think the primary reason for this is the way Glassdoor calculate their average figures.

Because of the recent surges in the demand for talent has impacted the talent market here in Seattle. Both Paysa and Glassdoor data needs to be taken with a pinch of salt but here is the rundown. I understand that those roles are at varying levels but since each company has different salary ranges I am grouping them all together.

Think about it this way, if you consider yourself a mid-level TPM then this is what you should be aiming or negotiating for. On the other hand, you will find below that I have taken Amazon as an example to show it by role.When recent college graduates and friends Zuhayeer Musa and Zaheer Mohiuddin started to break into the software industry, everything they found on the internet about engineering jobs seemed to be missing the actual information they needed: How much do these jobs pay?

Software engineers straight out of college often make six-figure salaries, not counting equity compensation. Depending on seniority, some coders make millions of dollars per year. But where on that spectrum any given engineer lands often depends on a single number -- what's often called a "level. At Googlefor example, entry-level engineers start at Level 3.

Microsoft 's system starts at 59 for a software development engineer and goes up to 80 for a "technical fellow," or one of the leaders of their given field. The higher your level is, the higher your compensation — and Musa and Mohiuddin realized that their peers had a lot of questions about how the levels worked.

If a Level 4 at Google gets a new job at Facebookwhat level should they be? If someone gets promoted to ICT3 at Apple, how much should they make? So the two friends made a website to crowdsource Silicon Valley salary data from workers at big tech companies, and it took off.

I was going through a job transition myself, I had only 2 years experience but had gotten promoted," Mohiuddin said, adding that he's seen friends get screwed over when changing companies.

The crowdsourced data on levels. Compensation goes up as level goes up and can even accelerate in an exponential fashion, the website's founders said.

Tap and Copy

Each level has a slightly different job title at each company, but they closely correlate. The companies do have slightly different nomenclature. Apple's levels, for example, are called ICT, for "individual contributor tech. The data on Levels. But the founders of levels.

They also point out that the website enables people to drill down into each given estimate to see specific data points, including the submitter's speciality and location. Engineers who have achieved a level at a big company wonder what level they might be at a smaller firm — and whether that comes with a pay bump. But companies aren't always transparent about what the range is for any given position, which makes negotiating for more money even harder, which is why Musa and Mohiuddin decided to crowdsource that information.

It's eye opening, and that's why we built this. Glassdoor or other pay sites don't make the connection between level and pay," he continued. I thought that too," Mohiuddin said. Some folks with a few years experience are making a couple hundred of thousands of dollars. The downside to the leveling system is that there can be an up-or-out culture based on the levels, Musa said. Another downside is that that the laddering system could exacerbate the diversity issues big tech companies face.

The leveling system may also drive upward pressure on salaries throughout Silicon Valley, which is great for technical employees in high demand, but contributes to a high cost of living that can make it hard for people in less remunerative industries to live in the area. Facebook and Google tend to lead the market for software engineers, and their salary hikes set the pace for Silicon Valley, he continued.

If there's a weak spot in the levels. For example, while most Google engineers realistically see Level 7 as the cap for most careers, some particularly distinguished software developers can go higher. Jeff Dean and Sanjay Ghemawat, who are among the most skilled coders in the entire world in Google's system, have achieved Level 11, according to a December profile in The New Yorker. At most companies, staff level is somewhat of a career level, and you can be at that level at the rest of your life," Mohiuddin said.

Osman says that although Silicon Valley companies often act as if they invented the technical ladder, it's actually been in place for over 70 years at various companies.SF and mountain view have the same compensation, I think.

This is almost more than twice what MSFT pays. Mind to share how much you are paying for rent? I share a 1 bedroom apartment with my girlfriend and dog, in a very new building that's a 20 minute walk to the office. In a nice neighborhood in sf, you're not going going to pay less than for a room in a shared apartment, or for half of a one bedroom place.

That is so insane. Thus, the cost of rent in SF is around 4x the cost of rent in a normal market. CA also has a much higher state tax rate than most places. Worth keeping this in mind when you're comparing SF salaries with real-world salaries.

I think the best way for a programmer to maximize salary is to work remotely for an SF company, getting paid an SF salary, and living in an area with a reasonable COL and preferably low-to-zero state income tax.

Can I ask your working hours? I work about to That's pretty good - thought because of your salary it would mean working crazy hours. Do you think you are a very talented programmer or average? SWE, L6, 11 years experience, hired at L4 base, 90k bonus, k stock grant size has been going up each year.

Google gives fair increases on promo and even if initial salary was in the low end. Pretty common to get a high bump after a year if one negotiated badly. What, pray tell, were you able to negotiate over? I tried, but it appeared to be company policy not to offer anything I was interested in. I don't know what "L4" means but the numbers you're quoting are considerably higher than the ones I remember from five years ago.

I really hate this whole "total compensation" idea that has taken over the computer industry. Just pay me, or shut up, don't wave magic money in my face along with the real stuff and pretend it's all the same. In the case of Google stock, it's real money, not magic money. Google bonus is real money, not magic money.

Startup stock is imaginary money. Startup stock is truly imaginary, yes, but even Google stock has the magical property that some amount of it stops existing when you leave, which everyone does eventually. Okay, the stock in the 4-year stock grant is imaginary in the same sense that your future salary is imaginary. I mean, fine, call it imaginary if you want, but that's true of all pay.

Which means that, past the first year, at most 90 days of stock is money that might vanish if you leave. I agree it'd be a lot nicer if it vested daily, but it's completely silly to characterize this as imaginary.