By clinicalpsychDecember 4, in Psychology. Date of invite: December 5, Interview date s : Feb. For example does X blah blah blah? And, is what we know about X in population Y generalizable to population Z? We also talked very briefly about what type of mentorship style I am hoping for and what I like to do for fun.

The phone interview was only about minutes long and it was with a student that was on internship at the time and wouldn't be there on interview day. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions or want to hear more about my experience interviewing there. Congratulations again! Thank you!! School: University of Southern Mississippi. Type: Counseling Psychology PhD. Interview date s : Feb 8, Who just recently got the interview for clinical psychology from purdue, can you share with me the poi initials?

Much appreciated, thanks! How are you all preparing for interviews? Studying up on the PI's and probably most of the department's research is really all I've got so far. Any other ideas, tips, resources to check out? You may be familiar with this, but I thought I would share, just in case.

This is just a general guide that I found on the internet, but there is a section on tips for clinical psychology interviews.

gradcafe clinical psychology interview 2019

It was a file from my computer, so that was probably the issue. It's the same document! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.By 3rdgenpsychMonday at PM in Psychology. I have a difficult decision I'm hoping I can get your opinions on. I've never heard anything negative about the reputation of this program.

School 2: the research match is somewhat what I want to be doing, but not exactly. The school is in a somewhat ok location, but not as desirable, and the students seemed pretty competitive and intense on interview day.

The building is run down and didn't really have a student lounge or area where students could work together. This school, however, is fully funded. Some notes: I would not need to take out any loans for school 1, although it seems silly to pay for tuition when I was offered a fully funded opportunity somewhere else.

But I really do think school 1 is a better match for me. I had a professor who transferred grad schools because he did not like the PI he was working with. So just reading what you have from an outside perspective it seems like choice one is the one you are most comfortable with and see yourself going. Funded offer with a good match is almost always a better choice than partial or unfunded offers. You want to go to the first school. That's okay. But you did not present the cases for the schools equally.

Does the second school have strong match rates? Does the second school have a strong reputation in the field? What are the weird vibes? Does the second school have quality clinical training? Some professors are rigid. Some are not. Ask the second professor how open they are to supporting you in your research that does not directly overlap with theirs.

We make decisions with incomplete information when we choose a grad school. Maybe the students at the second school were describing a toxic atmosphere. Email them and ask. You are right, I am biased with positive information for the first school and left out information for the second. The second school has weaker match rates fluctuating between 60ss in the past few years, and 90s the past 2 years.

This school is less clinically focused, and more research focused. The reputation for research is strong, but again, I am more interested in clinical.I'm applying for the Masters and PhD program in Clinical psychology for the admission.

My first deadline is approaching: Nov. I was first upset, but than a prof told them they receive numerous emails everyday, so sometimes they just simply don't have the time to reply. Here is my background information: I'm currently a master student enrolled in a development psychology program at a Canadian university.

My GRE is okay, so I won't retake. Undergraduate GPA: 3. Most of the POIs I emailed didn't reply me either First, I didn't ask questions in the email cuz I don't have any they all clearly state on the website that they will accpet students.

Also, they don't really know me and there is no point to spend time replying to a stranger. If you're interested in OISE and if you're local, one of the best things you can do is come to the open houses that they hold.

Some of the faculty come, and they're making connections and putting names with faces.

Clinical Psychology Graduate School Admission Results

It matters, speaking from experience. Hi Piagetsky, Thank you for your input. Are you attending OISE now? I think I've missed the open house, I'm not from central or eastern Canada Great to see this thread! I'm also applying to Masters and PhD programs for Overall Undergrad GPA: 3.

Research: 2 publications, more in progress will be submitted before application deadlines hopefully. Lot's of volunteer experience in research labs and clinical experience in the community.

Didn't attend many conferences: 6 presentations. Good luck on the applications everyone!! Remember to take some time to breathe throughout the process! Thank you for sharing!

You have a really strong background. Since this is your second time applying, I wonder whether you could share about your experience about your application last year?

Anything we could learn from it? Last year my background was very similar to what I posted above. The only thing I did differently is increase my GRE score but not by much and I have continued working to get more publications. I will also be applying to much more schoools than I did last year I applied to 5, compared to 12 this year.

I do not recommend applying to this many schools unless you have the time to perfect each and every application, and only if you think you have a real chance of being accepted.By Saul McLeodpublished Interviews are different from questionnaires as they involve social interaction.

gradcafe clinical psychology interview 2019

Unlike questionnaires researchers need training in how to interview which costs money. Researchers can ask different types of questions which in turn generate different types of data. For example, closed questions provide people with a fixed set of responses, whereas open questions allow people to express what they think in their own words.

Sometimes researchers use an interview schedule. This is a set of prepared questions designed to be asked exactly as worded. Interviews schedules have a standardised format which means the same questions are asked to each interviewee in the same order. Quite often interviews will be recorded by the researcher and the data written up as a transcript a written account of interview questions and answers which can be analyzed at a later date. The interviewer must ensure that they take special care when interviewing vulnerable groups, such as the children.

For example, children have a limited attention span and for this reason lengthy interviews should be avoided. Also the language the interviewer uses should be appropriate to the vocabulary of the group of people being studied. It should be noted that interviews may not be the best method to use for researching sensitive topics e.

Structured interviews are easy to replicate as a fixed set of closed questions are used, which are easy to quantify — this means it is easy to test for reliability.

Structured interviews are fairly quick to conduct which means that many interviews can take place within a short amount of time. This means a large sample can be obtained resulting in the findings being representative and having the ability to be generalized to a large population.

Structure interviews are not flexible.

gradcafe clinical psychology interview 2019

This means new questions cannot be asked impromptu i. The answers from structured interviews lack detail as only closed questions are asked which generates quantitative data. This means a research will won't know why a person behaves in a certain way. Unstructured Interview. They are sometimes called informal interviews.

An interview schedule might not be used, and even if one is used, they will contain open-ended questions that can be asked in any order. The interview can deviate from the interview schedule. Unstructured interviews generate qualitative data through the use of open questions.

This allows the respondent to talk in some depth, choosing their own words. It can be time consuming to conduct an unstructured interview and analyze the qualitative data using methods such as thematic analysis.

Everything You Need To Know For Your Psychology Doctorate Interview #GetPsyched

Employing and training interviewers is expensive, and not as cheap as collecting data via questionnaires.By dancedementiaMarch 20, in Psychology.

My focus is in Clinical or Counseling Psychology, with a primary research interest in eating disorders. Still a long list, but I'm taking my time chipping away at it. What are y'all thinking? I'm also getting a head start on application process! This will be my first time applying for a PhD. Something that might set me apart, which is also my biggest concern, is that I have been working in user experience research and design since I graduated from my master's in human-centered design.

So I have research experience technically, but it isn't the standard lab or field style research, since it's done at a corporate level. Still researching schools in other states, but hoping to keep the number I apply to around 6. While social psychology programs aren't as competitive as clinical, there is still a lot of stiff competition.

LA and NYC are two of the most desirable locations any city on the coasts falls into this categorywhich significantly increases competition. If you are able to be more geographically diverse, I would recommend doing so. I would also consider trying to find some volunteer experience in traditional lab settings if at all possible. Try reaching out to faculty in the nearest college who do research similar to your interests. I would say also look at the placement data to see the percentage of people getting APA approved sites to evaluate the school.

Also the cost of the program. The most important thing is still research interest match tho. It is important that you enjoy the area that your mentor is doing research at. I'm retrying in social psych - although this time around I"m also applying for business schools as I'm doing stuff that is highly related to behavioral economics. So it wasn't a bad cycle - I learned more about myself and am back on the right path. Everything happens for a reason I'd say.

Hi all! Glad there are other people out there already thinking about the application process. Most of the other people in my program I'm currently getting my MA in Child Development are going straight into practice once we're done, so it's nice to know I'm not alone. I'm interested in mostly clinical psychology programs, and my research interests lie in the area of pediatric psychology.

As you can see, I'm aiming to attend school in the South. I currently live near Boston and I'm sick of the weather!Your query for Clinical Psychology produced 21, results. Don't forget to use our sort and time filters to refine the results. Got comments? Please let us know what you think on the Forum or Email Us. Results Search. Over today only past two days past week past month all time.

Clinical Psychology Graduate School Admission Results

Showing results over pages [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 You can sort results by clicking on a column heading below. Clinical Behavioral Masters program. Generic email rejection with generic letter attached. Got a Skype preliminary interview but was not invited to the in-person interview.

PsyD- Child Track. Accepted offer, was 2 on the waitlist! Good luck all! Email stating I'm wait listed. I understand if people are feeling unsure due to the ongoing Covid pandemic but please make your decisions quickly. From my knowledge, the APA deadline is still the 15th and there are still many openings in the cohort for next year. Received my acceptance over email on the 3rd, but I was wondering if I'll get a letter in the mail; has anyone who has been accepted received an official letter in the mail?

Clinical Psychology Graduate School Admission Results

In hindsight, I don't believe I was a very good research match there. Good luck to everyone :. I'm the previous poster and my name on here is didion10 :. PsyD- so shocked and excited!! To the poster below, how can I contact you? PsyD: rolling admit. Any master's applicants hear their results? I accepted this offer! No interview, not surprised. Just released my offer. Hope this helps someone on the waitlist! PsyD program. Just released my offer - hope this helps someone on the waitlist!

Originally waitlisted, but received an email that they have a spot for me. Will be accepting! Good luck to everyone on waitlists! PsyD - Will he releasing my seat. Hope it helps!By clinicalpsychDecember 4, in Psychology.

I imagine there are at least a few applying to both. Type of invite: Email from POI.

gradcafe clinical psychology interview 2019

And was it an email from the PI, or a general email from the department? If you don't mind me asking, who is the PI you are hoping to work with? And did you hear directly from them? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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Psychology Search In. Recommended Posts. Posted December 4, We should be hearing about interviews pretty soon! Interview date s : Good luck, everyone! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Thanks so much for making this!

Although the existence of this thread is terrifying No problem! And I completely agree - hard to believe it's already that time of year!! Posted December 5, Posted December 5, edited. Posted December 6, Posted December 7,