Can you comment on features and stability? Random freeze-ups was a big issue. But that was nearly 3 years ago, and because Grandstream is still around making phones, people have to be buying them.

So that leads me to believe they may have gotten better. Does anybody have any experience? Perhaps you got ended up with some that had sneaked through the QC process?

I am glad to hear the phones have been working well for someone. I will give their line another try. One of my favorite little secrets of the Gateway world is that used Cisco voice routers are cheaper than dirt on eBay.

The transformers and capacitors are telco grade. The DSP are onboard. Make sure the one you purchase has IOS I actually bought a and a fxo card to play with after reading that same comment from you on the trixbox forums years ago. I had just got my CCNA and was ripe to play with more cisco gear. Awesome tip among many other tidbits I have read from you over the years.

Thanks for sticking around as long as you have. I ended up ordering a GXP to play with. After being an Aastra guy for so long, occasionally I branch out and see what cool things I may be missing from other companies.

I do like to drop that tip, it works well. I have also posted sample configs a half dozen times on the year. At that time the voice quality was not good and I have used Aastra phones since and never looked back.

However I do know someone who has been using 40 of the GXP phones for the last years without any problems at all. We signed with virtualpbx. The phone has many many more settings than they address in their setup instructions. Where can a beginner learn more about the many settings that are available on the phone setup? Reply to self - Vitelity helped me out. I have outbound and inbound on the DID from them. They seem very nice, I hope they get it going soon. I had a horrible experience with GXPs.

These were early units timeframe mind you, and the firmware was atrocious to the point of weekly firmware updates! Then about a year ago, the phones started dying one-by-one. It was some sort of electrical problem, probably cheap capacitors that dried out. They would freeze with all lights on, start buzzing loudly, etc. Initially moving them off PoE onto the wallwarts helped, but the problem came back a few months later.Topics: Wi-Fi. Reunirse con todos virtualmente es una manera eficiente de mantener la normalidad fuera de la oficina.

Topics: Remote WorkersVideo Conferencingvideo communicationscollaborationmobile video conferencingmobilityVideo Phonesweb meetings. Topics: Unified Communicationshealthcare industryVertical Markets.

Topics: property management systemshotel communicationhospitality communication solutionshotel voip systemhotel management. Los campus educativos, los hoteles, edificios comerciales, hospitales y complejos de oficinas grandes pueden optimizar las comunicaciones y la seguridad al enviar mensajes de voz voceo a la red completa o a un grupo seleccionado de dispositivos.

El voceo multicast ayuda a resolver este dilema. Home Company News Spanish Blog. Displaying 1 - 10 of 60 posts. Archivos diciembre 4 febrero 4 marzo 4 mayo 4 septiembre 4. Contact About Grandstream Contact us.

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Newsletter Signup Get the latest news in exclusivity Subscribe to our newsletter. Follow Us Follow us on social media. Site Map.I am setting up some Grandstream GXP phones and am trying to figure out away to create a endpoint manager template that will allow some one to turn on DND and have it indicated on the phone with out creating every one there own template in endpoint manager. I am trying to avoid the headache that is setting up a template for every person in the company and having to make a minor change to the configs to every single extension in the future.

I believe that it would be more convenient to turn on DND from the mute button, instead of configuring a template that activates it. If you would like to have a wider sign for DND, we have a special firmware that does that and we urge you to open a ticket with us if you would like to try it.

To open a ticket, kindly visit helpdesk. Thank you for the sugestion but when you enable DND on the phone itself it does not communicate that its on DND with the system. We use DND a lot with our sales people and our operators look for their status to decide what to do with the calls.

Grandstream UCM IP PBX Basic Setup

Did you find any solution? I am working in this problem. This feature is very used in my work, and it needs to be visible in the Freepbx side. I am using Grandstream GXP with 1. The command is okay, because if I dial mannualy this command… it is working.

It is worst. I am talking with the support Grandstream… and they are telling that the Provisioning should be in XML format. EPM uses legacy format maccfgright? I did end up finding a way to do what i needed to do and am using a single profile to run my phones. Not exactly sure if this will work fro your s but it works for my s.

Sorry Ron… I didnt get it. Did you create a custom command in Freepbx to disable remotly this DND? Could you share the code? Sorry, I may not be of any help. The s are very different phones.If you have a sales inquiry, looking for product pricing or if you're interested in becoming a partner fill out this contact form to be connected with one of our sales representatives today.

Looking for product support? We have a dedicated customer support team equipped to handle your inquiries. Open a ticket through Helpdesk or PartnerConnect to get started. Looking for detailed product guides or documentation? Visit our resource section and type the product of interest in the search field.

grandstream forum

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Site Map.What is a Captive Portal? Once deployed on a network, Wi-Fi clients will be re-directed to view and interact with that landing page before internet access is granted, in order to authenticate the connection, require acceptance of terms and agreements, ask for login credentials, collect customer information, redirect to another website and more.

Captive portals should be used in many business different environments including airports, hotels, coffee shops, business centers and others offering free Wi-Fi hotspots for Internet users.

The WP was designed to suit a variety of enterprises and vertical market applications at an affordable price point that competes with most DECT offerings. Continue reading to learn how Wi-Fi voice is changing the shape of UC mobility. Topics: Wi-Fi. The remote workforce is in full swing globally and staying connected is key to a productive organization, big or small. Online meetings are a great way to feel connected with your co-workers and teammates. Meeting with everyone virtually is an efficient way to maintain normalcy outside of the office.

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are looking for technology solutions that allow them to connect remote teams and collaborate as if they were sitting next to each other. We offer a wide variety of remote and mobility solutions that can be scaled to support any organization, including small-to-medium businesses, enterprises, schools, hospitals, governments and more. Topics: Remote WorkersVideo Conferencingvideo communicationscollaborationmobile video conferencingmobilityVideo Phonesweb meetings.

As an end user in a mobile society, for high bandwidth applications and high-client density scenarios indoors or outdoors we are ever more reliant on good Wi-Fi connectivity. We now have outdoor long-range Video conferencing has become a staple for collaboration in the modern workplace, allowing for versatility in the way we work together.

Grandstream Success Stories

With a greater emphasis on team collaboration, more and more companies are adopting a variety of applications and solutions to achieve a seamless communication and collaboration solution. Users can collaborate from anywhere in the world easily and efficiently, all through a comprehensive video conferencing solution. Recently, companies around the world have also started to utilize Wi-Fi technology more and more to achieve this same goal.

If you're use to deploying VoIP, Wi-Fi is a natural addition to add to your offering — and one that your customers will soon be looking for. Pagers have existed since the s, and because they work on a much higher frequency than cell phones, they allow doctors to be reachable despite x-ray proof walls and poor cell phone coverage, so it seems like pagers will still hang around at least for a few more years, but Topics: Unified Communicationshealthcare industryVertical Markets.

A communication network is one of the most vital pieces of infrastructure for any educational institution. Parents, teachers, administration, and sometimes even students rely on this network to stay informed and productive. Continue reading to learn 4 tips that will help you create an inbound strategy that is perfect for parents, staff, and students alike.

If you are looking to build a communications, management and security solution for any hotel, resort, inn, lodge or bread-and-breakfast, Grandstream can provide every endpoint and management system you need to do so. Also, our wide range of products are able to work together to keep any hotel operating at maximum efficiency.

Topics: property management systemshotel communicationhospitality communication solutionshotel voip systemhotel management. What can we improve in Healthcare with Unified Communications?Grandstream Networks has been manufacturing award-winning IP voice and video telephony, video conferencing and video surveillance products since The Grandstream brand means quality, reliability and innovation.

Our award-winning products allow business to be more productive than ever before. A variety of product tools and technical support options ensure Grandstream customers get the most out of their communications solution.

Grandstream designs and manufactures a wide-range of award winning products and solutions. Grandstream has the ideal IP phone for every need, including basic, mid-range, high-end, cordless and video phones.

The GWN series of Networking Solutions offer powerful and secure networks with wide coverage range that feature industry-leading setup and management. With a complete line of physical security solutions, Grandstream provides everything needed to protect, manage and monitor any physical location.

Grandstream's wide-range of Gateways and ATAs are trusted by some of the largest service providers in the world. The WP is an innovative portable Wi-Fi IP phone that offers seamless roaming, long battery life and deployment scalability to. IPVideoTalk Meetings can be attended on nearly any computer or mobile device and offer state-of-the-art collaboration features.

grandstream forum

Stop by booth to see our upcoming products and solutions! Grandstream will be in sunny California as Platinum Sponsors of this year's netsapiens User Group meeting! Make sure to stop by and chat! Join Grandstream at the 28th Convergence India Exhibition. We'll be at booth A4. Date: July Tue, Wed, Thu. Join us and Streakwave in a live technical webinar to learn how to emulate a traditional key system.

We go over the pros and cons of setting up the UCM followed by a live set-up demonstration. It is a virtual meeting room that coworkers, teammates, classmates, or any group can come together in to collaborate.

In this webinar, we'll be covering the features and capabilities of IPVideoTalk that can help push your remote productivity to the max. Grandstream's revolutionary video conferencing solutions makes video conferencing easier than ever before without sacrificing features or functionality. With Grandstream products, users can create easy-to-install and easy-to-use video conferencing solutions that they can customize based on their own needs - rather than relying on other manufacturer's complicated and restrictive solutions.

Contact your Grandstream distributor today. Award-winning IP voice, video, data and mobility solutions.Featured Case Study. Semper Altius, an international network of more than schools in 18 countries throughout Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia, implemented Grandstream unified communication and networking products to build a powerful, centralized and scalable solution.

Watch the video to the left, and download the written case study below:. Unified Communication Solutions. A reliable voice network for critical communications. A redundant and reliable UC solution.

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A distributed UC network for school districts. A centralized, scalable network for 14 offices in India. A UC and hotel management solution. A flexible, efficient UC network with analytics. A unified, digital solution for an international hotel brand.

A reliable VoIP solution for a critical hospital. An IP solution for 3 large offices in India with a focus on mobility. An international retailer runs their global business with Grandstream wide-range of communication solutions. Infrastructure firm relies on Grandstream to Manage some of India's busiest roadways. A luxurious resort located in the Mexican Caribbean, chose Grandstream to communicate their guests and staff.

A resort in Indonesia used Grandstream to build a scalable and redundant solution. GWN series Networking Solutions. A 5-star resort builds a powerful WiFi network.

A popular media outlet builds a fast WiFi network. A long-range outdoor WiFi network. A full-service iT consulting firm relies on Grandstream's GWN series to build powerful networks for customers. An event production company delivers outstanding experiences with help from Grandstream's GWN series.

An cozy cottage resort in New Zealand delivers powerful long-rage WiFi access to guests.

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Video Conferencing Solutions. ITSP Solutions. A reliable and flexible video collaborations tool for a real estate firm.

A flexible, Android-based, mobile-friendly video solution for a recruitment firm. A value-added service provider adopts Grandstream to deliver best-in-class customer options. Grandstream helps DFT offer reliable and cost-effective solutions. Submit a case study We are always on the look out for new case studies.