There are many ways to bypass iCloud activation.

iCloud DNS Bypass – Remove iPhone Lock With Ease

You can do this with or without iCloud DNS bypass. The process to bypass iCloud account via DNS is fast and really easy. You must activate the iDevice first before proceeding. Step 1: On the iDevice activation screen, choose the Country and Language. Step 2: Next, choose the Wi-Fi Settings. Make sure the iDevice is not connected to any network. Step 5: Now simply choose Menu and set right applications, camera, video, music, etc. This tool was originally designed to help iOS users bypass iDevice lockscreen but with the new update the tool is now more powerful than ever as it allows you to solve different kinds of issues related to Apple ID.

All you need to do is use its Unlock Apple ID mode. Step 2: Connect your iDevice to your computer and make sure both operating system and LockWiper detect it. Step 4: On the next screen, click the Start to Unlock button. Bypassing iCloud via DNS is a temporary solution. It is also not very consistent. If you managed to bypass iCloud with DNS, it is likely that you will encounter various issues and only the primary functions will work on your iDevice.

To avoid these issues, you will need to bypass iCloud permanently. Fortunately, there is a way to do this. Once you do this, your iDevice will restart. Step 3: Once the device is restarted and you see the activation lock again, choose Language and Country option. Step 6: Now clear the given address bar and then choose Globe and then input random characters. You must input the numbers in the Port zone.

After inputting the numbers, tap on Back and then tap on the Next option.

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Step 7: Once you perform the above step, the unlock screen and languages options page will show up repeatedly. Now you will simply need to keep sliding the Unlock and choose the languages option until the home screen appears. Kevin Walker is a senior editor who specialize in iOS products, has helped millions of people by sharing useful iOS tips and tricks. Bypass any kind of lockscreen set on your iDevice, without providing any passcode.

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icloud dns unlock

View all the comments and join the discussion.Apple made some changes to iOS 11 Captive Portal mechanism. The icloud dns bypass was not working on ios You can lock the device, and after unlocking continue from the same page. With some new updates. Are you going to find them here:. Now tap a back once and click on the network that we just added that server. This method fo bypass icloud is going to give you some function. Choose the language and you will have the main menu. This server is absolutely free.

You also have the ability to browse the web, using goole and other search engines. You can add your email as well.

icloud dns unlock

You can send SMS using certain applications. Which is very important YouTube videos you can watch using icloud dns bypass. You also have the ability to add your Netflix account and all that good stuff. Also myicloud. You may think that you understand the full power of your iPhone. But think again.

Many people never bother with the handy and secret hacks that make the iPhone even better! Tags: activationbypass icloudicloud dns bypassicloudDNSbypass.

Related Posts.Or you own an Apple device, but have forgotten its iCloud password? You may try to contact Apple customer support, but they are not going to help you straightforward without user authentication. You will be asked a lot of questions, and they may demand the original iOS device payment receipt, even after the authentication of the device.

Every time you setup your iOS device after a factory reset or restore, your iOS device will sent an activation request to Apple server. Apple processes the request and shows the status of your device.

If you have forgotten your login details Apple ID or passwordor you get a second-hand device with iCloud lock enabled, then the iCloud DNS Bypass is here to help you. It is one of the iCloud Unlock free method. It uses the DNS server which acts as a host to run the application. If your device is iCloud locked, a great way is to change its activation path using the DNS method and send it from the original Apple server to iCloud Bypass DNS server for authentication.

Once it is DNS activated, you will be able to use several apps, surf the internet, play games, use the camera, and more on your iOS device. Choose the one from the list below:. USA: Now you are on iCloud Bypass screen. Step 7 : Scroll down the page, go to the Menu and set up your apps, music, internet, camera, etc.

In fact, no one wants to use partial functions since they paid a lot to get the iPhone. So, never reboot your device unless you have to. Step 1. After using the above method mentioned in part 2. Step 2. Your iPhone will restart automatically. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. You will be directed to see the unlock screen, press the Home button to unlock it.

Step 7. Hit the language option until the home screen shows up. Step 3 : Proceed the payment and let them remove the iCloud lock from your Apple device. It usually takes them hours to complete this process. Once done, you are ready to use your iOS device without any interference.

iCloud Unlocking Through DNS Server Free

You might doubt iCloud unlock service as illegal, however it carries the process legally. Here are some of the reasons why you should have a try at AppleiPhoneUnlock.The download and install APK tool last version:. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction, in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.

The procedure is not complex as well as there are many different methods that can be used in order to skip the process. LINK Owners of the dives will also need to find out what it stands for and how to go through the procedure safely and efficiently.

Here we will try to give simple answers that will help to cope with it. The FRP can be translated as Protection of large number of mobile devices is prime priority for the manufacture but it also my cause some difficulties when its owners might wonder how to bypass FRP lock lg ms Even though the procedure is not difficult it is vital to bear in mind the steps that have to be followed in order bypass FRP and to know what it stands for.

LINK This article will explain what is this and how it could bypass safely as well as in the most reliable and efficient way. There are circumstances when an owner of a mobile device will face a question how to bypass FRP lock Google pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XLwhen a phone has to be reset. The procedure is common but lots of individuals have experienced difficulties with handling the procedure.

LINK In this article we will try to look closely what FRP is, when it has be reset and what steps should be taken to cope with it in the most simple and reliable way. There are quite a few methods that enable the users of the device to skip the FRP but what they want is to find the most efficient solution, which is not complex and its functionality stands second to none. Whatever the question arises of how to bypass FRP lock Coolpad a several solutions could be found.

However, the owners of the gadget would prefer something that is easy to be used, can provide the best efficiency and reliability. LINK Therefore, it has to be explained what FRP is all about, what its main functions and what can be used to skip the process fast and in the most effective way.

In very simple words the term FRP can be interpreted as nothing Whatever individuals will wonder how to bypass FRP lock alcatel a, decent information of how to do it safely and efficiently will be required. The process is relatively simple but before they are going to start the process they will need to know what FRP stands for, what features it carries on with it and what steps have to be taken. LINK The following article will give precise answers to these questions and will help owner of mobile phones to complete the process quickly and efficiently.

The top 6 apps for Unlock If the second-hand iPhone you purchased has "Find My iPhone" enabled and you can't contact the previous owner, you need to bypass iCloud activation so that you can use the device normally. When the "Find My iPhone" feature is enabled, you can lock its location and set it to drop mode if the device is dropped or stolen.

Your phone will not be available, like the "bricks" in the hands of others. Step 2. Select Wi-Fi Settings and ensure it is not connected to the network. If connected, please select the 'i' button and tap on "Forget this Network" to disconnect. Step 3.

icloud dns unlock

Tap on the 'i' button and enter a custom iCloud DNS bypass code according to the region:. Step 4. And you'll see the iCloud bypass screen. Step 5. Slightly scroll down to select Menu Applications, camera, music, videos and more. Because the DNS method has many limitations, there are not many features that can be used.

Note that this service is not free. You need to make a payment. Before you buy, you must check the introduction and information on the website.

Once the tool recognizes your device, it will automatically scan your device and read the IMEI number. Here are 2 ways for you to do so. Please click on the "Start to Unlock button" to start bypassing iCloud. Apart from Apple ID, you can also use it to remove screen lock, e. Here is another way to bypass iCloud permanently. Then, on the device's screen, the activation lock appears again. Select Language and Country. Tap on the 'i' icon beside the Wi-Fi network, find and tap "Menu".

Step 6. Empty the address bar, select Globe, enter characters in the Port zone, tap Back, and hit Next to continue. Step 7. When you see the Languages page again, please keep sliding to Unlock and choosing the languages until you see the home screen.

If you like it, please share it with others who need it. If you have any words you want to say, please leave a comment in the area below.Then you must be very happy to know that now you can unlock your iPhone, iPad or iPod iCloud free without wasting your money.

There are many companies who provide you with the facility to unlock the iCloud account but they cost huge money.

icloud dns unlock

Say no more to waste money on buying those services. It is very secure than from other companies. Users of the iPhone need an account to activate iCloud on their phone and then enable Find My Phone Service to make it work properly.

So, whenever your phone is lost or stolen by someone you can lock your device just by signing in your iCloud account in iTunes. But do you ever think what happens when you forgot your iCloud password? Or you buy a used iPhone and find that it is locked by iCloud? In this case, there could be two methods. Either you can buy an online service or you give it to the Customer Care service. In both cases, you need to pay money to get your iPhone unlocked. This is why I am writing this guide for all of you so you can Unlock iCloud Free.

Read my complete guide to know how it works. There are two methods that I will cover in this article to iCloud Unlock Free. Many software is available which you can use to Unlock iCloud freely.

All these software are tested by me and works very fine almost all devices. Maybe due to some iOS updates or security patches for different iPhone models may some software not work this is why you should try all of them.

Iphone 4 y 4s By pass Icloud (DNS)

It is a very fast and free iCloud Unlocker. Instead of only unlocking iCloud iMyFone helps you to unlock passcode, password, and other security options. It is basically created to unlock the passcode and passwords from iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. You can also remove iCloud and after removing you can add a new account easily.

Follow all these steps properly to avoid any mistakes. The installation process is quite simple and you can install it normally like other software. Step 3 : After installation opens software and then connect your iPhone using a data cable. Step 5: After marking your computer trusted now your device will be connected to pc. There are many people who bypass iCloud using this amazing tool. After a restart, you will see that there is no iCloud account is added to your device.

Now you can use your own iCloud in your iPhone without any issue. This works very fast than from other software or online services. It is the best online service to unlock an iCloud account.

It also supports iPads and iPods touch as well. You can unlock as many iPhones as you want and it is very cheap and easy service. Also, they provide you with fast delivery than from others. After reading all the above if you are still not able to unlock iCloud then you must read out my DNS method.

This method is very simple and easy it requires only a few taps and you can then uninstall your iCloud Account. Scroll down and you will see a menu button. From here you can now be able to use a few features of your iPhone device. This is one of the best and quickest methods to iCloud Unlock Free.Even the original owner cannot keep in mind login and password from iCloud account.

When this happens, original owner tried to contact with Apple company and as usual Apple asked a lot of different questions. Apple asks for the original device payment receipt even if the user have already provided all the correct information.

Needless to say, that nowadays many people buy Apple devices with iCloud Activation Lock without knowing it. Domain Name System works by converting human-readable website names into computer-readable numerical IP addresses. DNS server can be called the host on which the application is running.

Main idea of DNS iCloud Activation method is to change activation request path to original Apple server and forward it to another server. Through iCloud DNS Server you will have the opportunity to visit sites, watch and shoot videos, take pictures, listen to music and radio. Firs of all, you should activate your iPhone, so there must be a SIM card in iPhone tray, it would not work without it!

Step 2: Then, choose Wi-Fi Settings. Step 3: Your device should not be connected to the network. DNS method has a lot of limits and restrictions. With this bypassing method you cannot fully use your device. Only a small part of functions are available to you.

Other functions are blocked. His name is Ihor July. He is a developer from Ukraine. Now Ihor works on creating a way to fully bypass iCloud Activation lock. He was first in the world who found way to open web pages on iPad in full screen mode, and he also developed a local DNS server that allows you to bypass the restrictions of some Internet providers.

You can see results of Ihor work that he has published for free. Now you have usefull tool that makes Internet browsing easy. And there is more than k devices connected now. You also can get more information on the main Ihor July website.

Step 1: Select your Country and Language. Step 7: Scroll down, Choose Menu in order to set right applications, video, music, camera etc. June 13, Bypass Apple ID. Bypass Carrier Lock. Bypass iCloud Activation. Bypass MDM.

How to Unlock iPhone via iRemove Tools. Select your iRemove Software License. Apple ID Remove Software.