Today, I bring to you my list of Top 15 free Software-apps to root any android device with or without a Computer. Here are the few things to do before attempting to root any Android phone. It must be followed for manual android rooting or for when using any PC root software. These top free rooting software and APKs apps below will root your Android phones and tablet devices within a few minutes. You can choosee to go with the rooting software programs or the Rooting APk apps. Either of them can root several models of MTK and Qualcomm devices easily.

This is because the rooting software tools has support for more deices than the Rooting APKs. This is the best software for rooting any android phone, judging from the wide range of coverage and deep support for older operating system, I will lightly advice you try it first before the other ones in this list. It can root almost all android devices running on the 2.

The vRoot software was recently re-branded and code-named iRoot, the latest version of the app can be downloaded from herewhile the older version that was used for this papa louie 10 guide can be gotten from the mirror site where we uploaded it.

We already have a detailed page that shows you how to use the vRoot method and the basic tips to use computer programs for rooting android. You can read up the vRoot guide here or continue with the other rooting methods below.

It works seamlessly with all major brands of Android phones, tablets and other devices. Kingo root app works best for computers that are connected to the internet.

It is required that your computer remains connected to the internet before launching the kingo root software. Click the root button to root the connected device once the kingo root software has detected it. SRSRoot software solution was of my favorite for rooting android devices before Vroot came to the scene. It has been in the space for long and have garnered many a-positive review from beta testers and regular users of this awesome rooting tool. You can root lots of android phones and devices with it.

As a 1 click root app, it only needs you to download the app, install, launch and follow the on-screen instruction to complete rooting with SRS rooting method. Framaroot instant root apk is the best app so far for rooting and unrooting android without a computer. It has support for even the latest android operating system OS. Wide range of success have been recorded already with this little miracle-app; even newer devices such as Samsung Galaxy, Tecno R7, Nokia XL androidHuawei Ascend and several others has been rooted with the Framaroot apk app.

KingRoot is a potent rooting tool just as iRoot and KingoRoot apps. The software is light-weighted and worked flawlessly on some selected models of MTK devices we used for testing out their performance and reliability.

Their latest version supports a wide range of devices as opined by some of our other editors including Samsung, HTC, Motoroloa and Sony Xperia droid devices. We hope to keep testing this app for a possible stand-alone review as soon as we can. Install the root checker app to confirm that your device is now completely rooted.The Nexus 4 release date was November Features and Specs include a 4. Are you ready for the Galaxy S20?

Here is everything we know so far! Best Answer: Post 4 by scary alienNov 2, 1 points. I think you'd best be served by signing-up with us and posting something in the Nexus 4 - All Things Root - Android Forums area where the folks that know you device best can help you out.

Since it is a Nexus device, if you can get the USB driver issue sorted-out always such a pain, eh? Cheers and best of luck! D-U-R-X and megsto like this. OP here. I've registered. I have an update to my situation. My phone connected in fast boot, and when i tried to flash to stock I got EOCD not found, and a whole lot of gibberish.

In trying to recreate it for a screenshot, i discovered it no longer connects. Ah, cool, megsto! I've moved you over to the Nexus 4 all-things-root area as previously mentioned. Not totally sure if there are newer USB drivers for adb and fastboot available since I posted that GNex thread, so you might want to take a peek here in the N4 ATR area for what they guys here have posted. Hopefully the good folks in here will be able to get you going in short order.

I've been using Wug's. I downloaded Mskips, but it doesn't support the build I had without a donation. I don't have any of the methods of donation.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for enthusiasts and power users of the Android operating system. It only takes a minute to sign up. I have a Nvidia Shield Tablet that froze on me.

After powering down it hangs on the nvidia boot up screen when I try to boot it up. Nvidia support says it is a 'soft-brick', as I can't get into recovery mode from fastboot. I am trying to get a recovery image on the tablet. However, the bootloader is locked and I'm pretty sure USB debugging was not enabled ahead of time. Therefore, I can't perform an unlock using adb, and so can't flash a recovery image.

When trying to access through a platform-tools terminal, it doesn't show in a list of adb devices.

Android Screen Broken: How to Enable USB Debugging and Recover Data

Any help is appreciated at this point, I can't think of anything else to try. Sorry in advance for mixing up terms etc. I've just been researching the past few nights and trying to find a solution. I'm far from an expert.

I've tried these links, here and here but they seem to require USB debugging enabled or ability to access recovery mode from fastboot.

This is the bootloader screen. Now navigate to recovery with Vol Keys, Power to confirm. Wait a Moment. Now do Factory reset. If device is locked you may not be able to enter recovery. Unlocking will factory reset your tablet. Enter fastboot mode from bootloader screen. Connect the usb cable.

Install the drivers. Open the cmd. Do not flash TWRP to recovery partition, first backup stock recovery! Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Is there a way to enable USB debugging from fastboot?The screen of your Android smartphone is broken? Apart from the considerable damage, the problem is how to recover the fileswhich is much important than the screen itself.

If USB debugging mode was turned onthen it is very easy to recover your files in this case. You can connect the device directly to a PC and recognized as an external memory so you can access folders and retrieve the files. However, the situation is a bit complicated when the USB debugging mode was turned off, which means there is no chance to backup the data as normal because the screen was broken.

Here in this article I will share you two different methods to backup your data with a broken screen and hope this will work for you. This is the most effective way to enable USB debugging on a broken or cracked screen.

First, you have to buy an OTG Adapter. Then connect your phone and USB mouse with the adaptor. Now, you can use the mouse to make actions on the phone.

Note : Please make sure your phone is compatibale with OTG adaptop. You can check the list from here:. The mouse will drain out the battery so charge the power with full capacity. After that navigate the settings and menu with the mouse.

However, if the screen was black, then you can mirror Android screen on a computer. After USB debugging is turned on, then you can recover deleted files from broken Android in an very easy way.

Android has a powered tool called SDK, designed to debug problems with Android devices.

root without usb debugging

It also allows you to enter a shell on the device! If you do not have ADB, then download and install Android development tools from here. You can find the ADB command in the platform-tools directory.

15 Free Software-apps to Root any Android with/without PC

Step 3 : Then agrees to backup all phone data this takes a few minutes command:.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for enthusiasts and power users of the Android operating system.

It only takes a minute to sign up. Is it possible to root a galaxy note 2 locked with a pattern screen lock? I am locked out of my phone. I thought if I can root the device then i would be able to remove screen lock through admin mode but for rooting need to enable USB debugging which I am not able to thanks the phone being locked in the first place. IS there a way out of this?

Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 6 years, 1 month ago. Active 6 years, 1 month ago.

Viewed 6k times. GAThrawn Have you had a look through this question: Can not unlock my Android device as have no internet connection? A few of the answers in there should be relevant to you, and not all of them need rooting. Active Oldest Votes. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog. Featured on Meta. Community and Moderator guidelines for escalating issues via new response…. Feedback on Q2 Community Roadmap. Linked Related 1. Hot Network Questions. Question feed.When you cannot access your Android phone because the screen is broken, how to recover data from the broken Android might be your priority.

Thus the problem will be: how to enable USB debugging on Android with broken screen? USB debugging is a way to facilitate a connection between Android device and a computer so that you can access your phone from the computer and transfer data. Normally, you can enable USB debugging on Android in these steps.

And if neither of the methods works on your phone, you can also recover data from screen-broken Android without USB debugging. If the touch screen on your Android phone is broken, but the display is still on you can still see the displayyou can use a USB OTG and a mouse to control the phone with broken screen and enable USB debugging. For example, by connecting a mouse to your phone via OTG cable, you can use the mouse to control the phone without touching screen.

But not all Android phone supports OTG technology. You can refer to the users manual of the phone or just google if your phone supports USB OTG with the specifc device model.

STEP 1. With a workable OTG adapter, connect your Android phone with a mouse.

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If you have a controller, you may want to give this a try. STEP 2. Click the mouse to unlock your phone and turn on USB debugging on Settings. STEP 3. Connect the broken phone to computer and the phone will be recognized as external memory. STEP 4. From the computer, open the file folders of your phone and copy the photos, contacts, videos, music that you need to the computer.

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Is it possible to enable USB debugging on Android remotely from a computer? The question has been brought up on various forums. And the answer is a no. STEP 4 : Type this in command prompts: adb devices. Tip : I f you are not a techie and know nothing about ADB, fastboot and command, it is risky to follow the tutorial to use ADB cammand without knowing what you are doing. You may end up bricking your phone and turning it into a total garbage.

Obviously, it is very difficult for ordinary users to enable USB debugging on an Android phone with broken screen. But luckily, there is still a way that allows you to access your phone and recover data with no USB debugging. You don't need to enable USB debugging for the application to work. Follow these steps to retrieve data from your phone with broken screen. And choose Start. Choose the device name and model of your phone.

Click Confirm. The FonePaw program will guide you to put your phone in Download mode. STEP 5. The program will begin to scan out your phone data. After it is done, all your phone data will be displayed. STEP 6. Select the data that you need and click Recover to save the data on your computer.My phone's screen is broken and the USB debugging setting is off. If your Android phone screen is broken, you must be struggling to find a way to get the files off the device before getting it repaired.

But with USB debugging off, you can't move the files back and forth between Android phone and your computer. Because you are not able to send any advanced commands to your Android with USB cable. Therefore, this post shows 3 effective methods to recover data from screen broken Android with or without USB debugging.

Solution 1.

How to Enable USB Debugging Mode / ADB on FRP Locked Samsung Devices To Remove FRP Lock

Note : Backup all data to computer, generally speaking, will be the best choice if USB debugging mode was enabled on your Android, which you can easily connect and get the files on the phone as accessing an external memory. You're recommended to try Solution 1 to turn on USB debugging with broken screen as it is the easiest and most effective.

But it only works on condition that your Android device's screen still working although broken and unresponsive. You're recommended to try Solution 2 if your device is Samsung and its screen is completely showing nothing but a black screen. Solution 3 is only recommended for those acquired knowledge of codes and computer.

Or else you could turn your phone completely dead. And it allows Android phone to be operated and controlled by USB peripherals, such as a mouse, keyboards, and game controllers etc. Note: Your battery power may run out. Make sure that your phone battery power is full because controlling with a mouse will drain out the battery fast.

You can almost sure that your phone supports it if Android your device was released in the last three years. Option 1. This method only fits for cases that the device's screen is still working though not responsive.

root without usb debugging

How to access phone with broken screen with PC? FoneCope Android data extraction tool allows you to access screen broken Samsung internal storageand selectively export and recover files on Android without touching the device's screen.

This professional program provides a simple recovery process and fast speed. Extract major file types: photos, contacts, WhatsApp data, messages, call history, video, audios, and documents. Fix Android system issue like can't exit odin mode.

Run the program and plug your device into computer with a USB. Select "Broken Android Data Extraction" and click start to continue. Follow the tips showed on the interface in an attempt to put your Android phone into Download Mode. Now you can proceed by clicking "start". Wait for a second and the software will scan the data on your screen broken device. All the items are displayed according to the category, including contacts, messages, call logs, WhatsApp, pictures, videos, music and other documents.

root without usb debugging

Selectively choose the wanted files and backup them from Android with a broken screen to your computer. With ADB commands, you are able to make your phone successfully connected to computer.

You can install ADB from xda-developer and follow its tutorial.

root without usb debugging

Step 2 : Check the connection if the ClockworkMod recovery loading is finished. Step 3 : Type line"adb devices" in command prompts, without quotes. Note: Don't use this method to enable USB debugging remotely if you know little about related codes and computer knowledge since a small wrong movement could irreversibly damage your Android phone. You could brick your phone completely.

Hope you have successfully got back your data from your broken screen Android phone. If these three methods helped you, please let me know by commenting below.