With titles like World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo, Blizzard Entertainment boasts perhaps the richest palette of lore and characters among any video game developer in history. In fact, it's virtually impossible to find a seasoned gamer today who hasn't played at least one game developed by this company. With almost 30 years passed since Blizzard first started pushing out their innovative games, some of their original characters have gone on to become iconic. Today, you can find out which of these legendary Blizzard characters is most like you, using a popular personality tool known as the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator.

If you're a cold-faced, reserved, and competitive intellectual, you likely understand and sympathize with Sylvanas Windrunner. After all, she's an INTJ like you. Faced with an unfortunate fate, the queen of the undead fought to end the reign of the Lich King only to eventually become just like him.

As an INTJ, you're a strategist with a perfectionist nature and prefer the company of a good book to a wild party. Like Sylvanas, you are often misunderstood due to your stone-cold appearance and don't worry yourself too much with the opinions of others, yet your head is filled with new plans, ideas, and emotions.

Born as the rightful heir to the throne of Lordaeron, Arthas had a promising youth. He was beloved by the people and was on his way to becoming a revered Paladin. However, as the plague of undeath started to threaten the population of Lordaeron, Arthas resolved to do anything he possibly could to save his people, including purging the city of Stratholme from the infected victims.

The horrible twist of fate only got worse when he discovered the cursed blade of Frostmourne, which allowed him to defeat the terror lord Mal'Ganis but cost him his sanity. As an ESFP, you love others as much Arthas loved his people, and are an optimistic, present-focused individual.

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In fact, interaction with others is how you learn best, and you become bored with routine, preferring adventure. Because of this, you can also be impulsive, making the wrong decision without thinking ahead, similar to Arthas. However, due to your creativity and spontaneity, no one is bored when you're around.

This is why your personality is also known as the "Entertainer. Initially timid in nature, this complex character has gone far to prove that she's a capable leader of the Alliance. As an introverted and emotional girl, Jaina would spend most of her youth hiding from her stern mother and also reading. Although reserved and quiet, INFJs like Jaina understand the emotions of others and are able to respond appropriately.

After the Horde, led by the fearless Garrosh Hellscream, destroyed Theramore, Jaina transformed into a more aggressive and determined leader. So, while she possesses the sensitive nature of an INFJ, she is anything but a pushover.

Like Jaina, you are highly artistic and creative and see the good in everyone, as she saw in her tragic husband Arthas. To his people, he is King Varian Wrynn, the rightful ruler of Stormwind and the leader of the Alliance. However, we also know him under another name, one that inspires even more fear: Lo'Gosh.

After his memories were wiped by Onyxia, Varian sets out on a search for his identity. In Feralas, he ferociously battles as a Gladiator, emerging victor following an unseen display of skill.

If you're an ENFP like him, you're a "people person" and a skilled and effective communicator. You're also a dreamer that's focused on the future and hate the boring daily routine. You likely think up new ideas constantly, and like Varian, your personality is magnetic. This controversial character became the leader of the Horde following the fall of the Lich King, with his hatred for the Alliance fueling his every decision. He was quick to climb the ranks of the Horde, soon replacing the beloved leader Thrall.

However, his leadership style was much more aggressive and action-oriented. If you're an ENTJ like Garrosh, you manage well with people and know how to make yourself noticed in crowds. In fact, similarly to Garrosh, people look up to you for your assertiveness, decisiveness, and organized nature, often marking you as their leader.

After his father Varian sacrificed himself for the well-being of Azeroth, Anduin inherited the crown to the Alliance. Power was never Anduin's aspiration, having decided to pursue the path of a priest. However, today, he fights alongside his people for peace.The visual search engine for all animated characters.

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You can help our vision come true! Click here to upload your scans! We collect data in various ways from World of Warcraft: Classic. Activision Blizzard does not provide a direct way API to collect player information like they do in other version of the game such as Retail WoW. This tool is advisory and player data takes time to update. We use 'who', 'inspect' alongside the WoW forums to collect player data. If your character does not show up on the armory you can follow the guide here to add basic information about your character to the armory.

We are in need of more people who are willing to help us keep the armory up to date. As a data collector you are considered a trusted part of our team. Read More. Coming Soon! Download our software and start leveling. See how high you can get before dying.

While performing the ironman all progression up until you die will be logged and displayed on our public ladder. Can't find your character on the armory? Don't worry! You can add it manually but following these steps. Name Level Class Time. How does it work? Join our team Join our team We are in need of more people who are willing to help us keep the armory up to date. Add character to Armory Add to Armory Can't find your character on the armory? Login to your character. Mark all addon text windows: ctrl-a.

Paste addon text into textfield below. This section is currently under development. It will be released at a future point. Note: You can also upload data from HonorSpy! Run aroud enjoy the game. Upload the ClassicRaiderProfiler. Select region you upload for EU US.When we start a PTR test, we'll announce it on the game's website. Note : Copied characters do not share progress with their originals on live servers.

You need to use the in-game character copy feature to copy a character from your main World of Warcraft account to the PTR. To do so:. When you purchase an item on the PTR, you'll be prompted to type the name of your region. To change your default region for PTR purchases:. For more information on regions, check our Global Play article. Note : Make sure you're purchasing your item for the correct region for it to carry over to your live game account. Overwatch League.

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wow character database

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Did you find this article helpful? Yes No. Help us improve. Please rate the following from a scale of 1 to 5 stars: This article is easy to find. Sorry to hear that! We'd like to know what's wrong. Please check any which apply: This information isn't relevant to my issue.GearScore Explained GearScore is a way of calculating how powerful a players gear is based on how Blizzard the creators of World of Warcraft itemizes all of the items in the game.

A level 80 sword will have a higher GearScore than a level 50 sword.


A level 80 epic purple sword will have a higher GearScore than a level 80 rare blue sword. Blizzard is constantly releasing new content and even harder raid dungeons for players to explore. With each new dungeon comes even more powerful items. Each item in the game has an "item level" ilvl attached to it. The item level describes how powerful that item is compared to other items that fit into the same slot.

So an item level bracer will be more powerful than an item level bracer. Itemizing is a term that is used to describe how Blizzard adds attribute points to an item usually referred to as an item's "stats". A mage might want some intellect while a warrior would want strength. The higher the item level, then the more of an attribute Blizzard can itemize to an item. So an item level bracer might have 20 strength while an item level bracer might have 50 strength.

So the player with an item level bracer would have a more powerful bracer on their wrist than the player with an item level bracer. Each equipment slot has a different weighted value to it for attributes. So an item level bracer might have 50 strength and an item level sword might have strength. This is what you might expect since a magical sword would be much more vital to a warriors success, than a magical bracer.

Taking in the item level, rarity of an item uncommon, rare, epic, etcslot the item is used in, GearScores. A player with a GearScore of would be capable of performing better than an equally skilled player with a GearScore of It is important to understand that the skill level of a player is a very important factor in how well they perform in a raid or dungeon. A very skilled player with a GearScore could outperform a much less skilled player that has a higher GearScore.

Permanent Link. Email: Password:. Character Search. Log In. Region: US EU. GearScore Explained. GearScore is a way of calculating how powerful a players gear is based on how Blizzard the creators of World of Warcraft itemizes all of the items in the game.Developed and created by Jeromnimo, click on the button below to join our community on discord! As an open-source project, we encourage the development of features that may be useful to current or future artists.

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We are pleased to announce that manual registrations have returned to the site. Latest news. Read more. Wow Model Viewer Team. Jeromnimo [Creator]. Dreyfus Xano [Moderator]. Embu [Moderator]. Blacksummoner [Website Wizard].Exhibiting superior mobility and an uncanny sense of awareness, Demon Hunters can tap into forbidden powers at times of dire need, and metamorphose into terrifying fel forms. Well-versed in necrotic magic and hand-to-hand combat, Death Knights infect their foes with crippling diseases and chill them to the bone wielding their icy runeblades.

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